I just want to thank you for putting this together- what an experience for the young men and I can imagine how it has changed their perspective about possibilities in life and one’s dreams, The lessons about patience and believing in your dreams even though the past two years nothing seemed possible, From the parent point of view- thank you for the continuous update throughout the journey, ensuring their safety and comfort, ensuring they focus on the purpose while having fun, Nothing but gratitude.
2022 Gateway to Manchester Tour Parent
Hi, Heaven arrived home safely. To you and management just a final thank you for going above and beyond your duties to assist Heaven. Thank you also for the camp and all that the players could learn and experience.
2022 Atletico de Madrid Camp Parent

Thank you very much. would like to congratulate again for your professional way to organize the academy.It was a privilege to be there.Have a wonderful day.Regards


2022 Rafa Nadal Academy Camp Parent

As football journeys come and go; this tour will remain deep in the hearts of our boys. New friendships cultivated, a different culture experienced and the cold weather & a real sense of teamwork with a shared vision. A once in a lifetime opportunity became a reality with many treasured moments and memories to savour.

A big thank you to Coach Sameeh and Coach Yaseen for always being professional; always showing true commitment and putting the player’s welfare and needs ahead of their own. They’ve formed an incredible bond with the boys; and the team put its best foot forward both on and off the field of play. Invaluable lessons in the life of a professional footballer have been learnt and I wish to thank the Simsport Team and Bolton coaches for the roles they’ve played.

Something to focus on is a structure regarding curfew / freedom once the training day has ended. Players had the freedom to roam around unannounced outside of the hotel.

A big thank you to the entire Simsport Team for making this trip a success and a very pleasant one. One that the boys will not forget easily.

We all have our own football paths to follow which might take us in opposite directions…but hopefully somewhere in the future our paths will cross again.

To all at Simsport – A big thank you. We wish you all the success in your future endeavours. Kind regards.

Gary & Janine Brown J

It gives me great pleasure and my enthusiastic support that I endorse Simsport International as an outstanding entity.

My son, Conley Seigels aged 16 (Gr.10), is a keen soccer player and is base in Stellenbosch, Western Cape. His determination to succeed resulted in him being selected to partake in the G2M Tour 2018 to Manchester, UK during the September school holidays.

As a parent, I believe that a holistic approach through the correct interventions and support structures is key to the development of any child. That is exactly what I found through the programme Simsport International had to offer, which would enhance my son’s individuals ability, maximise his potential and in turn stimulate development.

Being the national advocate for the game of soccer, the management and the dedicated coaches of Simsport International understood the sacrifices needed to accomplish team goals above individual and personal goals. This was evident and was further brought to all of their activities; energy, enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism.

This phenomenal venture from beginning to end has introduced my son to global competiveness, developed his mental attitude, enhanced his sports performance and his determination to aspire on and off the field.

This international collaboration, I feel, is often an honest indicator of future potential. Without hesitation, Simsport International receives my strong recommendation to the development of our youth within the sporting fraternity.I wish Simsport International the very best with its future endeavours! Sincerely yours.

Ms Shezayd Seigels

I would like to make use of this opportunity to Thank all the staff and Coaches at Simsport International for the recent tour we’ve just returned from.

The tour started Saturday, 29th of September when the entire contingent arrived & gathered at The Cape International Airport packed checked inn and ready to board the almost 20 hours of travel from South Africa to Bolton, Manchester via Dubai.But in all earnest our trip & preparations had begun +-5 months ago as early as mid April as soon as boys were confirmed that they would be part of the touring teams of either u16’s or u19’s . It kicked off with boys having to attend a compulsory 3 day fitness assessment of each individual player conducted by the accompanying coaches and overseen by a professional fitness instructor.

This was soon followed by weekly training sessions held at Rondebosch Boys High School every Sunday morning from 9 – 12 and 2 training camps with boys from Bloemfontein who were also part of the teams going on the tour.I was fortunate to be able to accompany my son, Calvin Jacobs a midfield player in the u16 team. And I want to thank Simsport for making it possible and giving us the opportunity to travel abroad for the first time to not only experience a new culture , country and football tour but also being able to witness the personal growth & development of my son, not only as a footballer but More importantly as an individual and that the last 5 months of hard work & sacrifice have paid off!

It has been an amazing experience from the first flight to the connecting one and entering a new country with the group. Our accommodation was above & exceeded all of our expectations at The Bolton Whites Hotel. Equipped with a gym heated swimming pool and sauna room, the boys were placed 2 in a room and were chuffed that they each received their own door key cards..living the life of footballers!On the whole it was a good eye opener to the boys that hard work pays off and to never give up on your dreams, to make the most of all opportunities and appreciate the time energy and finances invested into them as individuals.What made the experience more enjoyable was the fact that it was easy to communicate with the staff at Simsport whether it be via telephone calls, sms, whatsapp’s or emails, from the onset of all preparations. Just knowing they were easily accessible and remained in contact with parents back home via telephone calls and the group chats gave all of the parents greater peace of mind.

I would refer any parent that would like to encourage their child’s football dreams to make contact with the people at Simsport International and recommend that they do the necessary to get their child on one of their soccer tours.These are once in a lifetime experiences that not many of our children have the access too but will Appreciate receive invaluable learning’s from as well as character building.To the Management staff & coaches at Simsport International we would like to wish you well and all the success with your future endeavors – see you on the next tour! Regards.

Eric & Portia Jacobs  - Parents

Thank you Simsport International/Eagles, we really appreciate your commitment to our boys.

Thank you for providing this unique opportunity for them. This experience was memorable & the coaching provided excellent.

Our boys now know what their future could look like, if they successful in their soccer career and this is all thanks to you. You guys are awesome!!!

Olivia Fourie (Josh U16 Mom)

Dear Simsport International

Wow..I am so impressed with your organisation. The knowledge and exposure my son received from the tour is just remarkable at this young age. Absolutely Amazing.

Shakur had an unbelievable experience, he enjoyed every second of it. He came back home more mature and independent. The tour has been a positive experience for him and learned a lot. The encouragement he received from fellow players whilst on tour has made a huge difference on him. He has learned new things everyday, all of which he will take with him throughout his soccer career.So thank you to everyone at your organization. It has been a pleasure to work with you both for me and my son.

The coaching team was excellent.

We would highly recommend Simsport International to anyone who wants to improve their approach to the beautiful game because of the hospitality, expertise and the  professionalism that was exemplified to our son during his tour under their care was absolutely awsome.The Simsport Family really cares for your child like its their own.Shakur Hector- Player

Tasneema Abraham's

To the staff and management of Sim Sport International Firstly I would like to thank you for granting my son Ra-ees Adams the opportunity to go abroad to Manchester with you guys. I must admit it’s been very stressful trying to raise the funds in the short period of time but we did it! From the time they were selected staff and parents has been nothing but friendly and committed towards each and every child including mine and for that I’ll be forever grateful. On the day they finally left I could feel the love and support and that made it much easier to let my only son board that plane. Our kids come from areas where there’s many negativity surrounding us and I am proud to say that my son’s passion for sport has prevented him from indulging in all the illicit things all around him.

His experience with Sim Sport and the Bolton coaches has been amazing, the traveling, training, accommodation, hospitality of the staff at the hotel, the food and he mentioned that even the staff was so polite and made them feel at home. I must say Ra-ees experience with you all made him more motivated, more confident and has given him hope to a bright and successful future. He has already taken it upon himself to give back to those around him by speaking to the juniors in our area with regards to his experience which is a positive things so all thanks to you. With all the above mentioned I would recommend Sim tours to anyone willing to make that sacrifice by taking the opportunity if given to your son. And I hope that this is the first of many success for Sim Sport to grow. Thank you so much. Best regards.

Riezqah Adams



This letter serves to inform that Rasthoem Simons is well-known to me as the owner of Simsport International (Globesport). He has provided football service to Rondebosch Boys’ High School since 2015.

Rondebosch Boys’ High School (RBHS) is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and is a boys-only school. Rondebosch started off as a football playing school. A few years after its founding in 1897 the drill instructor started organizing practices, and arranged a few football matches which were played on the nearby Rondebosch Common.

When Mr. Mason assumed the Headmastership in 1904, one senior and one junior team were playing in the officially established football competitions. By this time rugby was also being played at the School on an unofficial basis. Rugby grew rapidly in popularity among the boys and it soon became clear that that the winter game of the school would be rugby rather than football. The decision was taken officially at the start of the 1906 season to make rugby the School’s main winter sport. The probable reasons for this were that the boys showed little interest in football; there were few suitable teams to play against; and more pointedly, the School was situated in a rugby playing stronghold, being next to Diocesan College (where rugby was first played in South Africa) and within walking distance of Newlands, the headquarters of Western Province Rugby Football Union.

The Rondebosch athletics teams of the earlier part of the 20th century included top hurdlers such as Godfrey Keyes, who later became the School’s first football Springbok.

Under the Headmastership of Mr. Reeler, football made a return to Rondebosch playing fields in 1977. Football games began on a friendly basis, necessarily sandwiched in between players’ other sporting commitments. This resulted in the emergence of talent such as that of Gary Bailey, former goalkeeper of Manchester United who made nearly 300 appearances in the English Football League and was also capped twice for England.

Apart from academic excellence, RBHS has for many years enjoyed a tradition of sporting excellence at all levels and across all sporting disciplines. We are well known for our sporting abilities and it’s a central part of a boy’s life at the school apart from academics and culture.

Football had enjoyed phases of popularity in the school’s history and now has become relevant once more.

Mr Simons’ involvement in football at Rondebosch is the starting point of putting Rondebosch back on the football map. His company is internationally renowned and has added immense value to football at RBHS. RONDEBOSCH BOYS’ HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL.

Since taking over the coaching duties, we have seen a tremendous improvement in football at Rondebosch Boys’ High School. The services provided by Simsport International (Globesport) covers:

  1. The recruitment and management of the school’s qualified football coaches;
  2. Regular football workshops for school staff;
  3. Football storeroom/equipment procurement and management;
  4. Local and International football tour opportunities for RBHS players;
  5. Football consultancy services for long-term growth and improvement of school

The above-mentioned services has allowed the sporting code to prosper as the school now boasts five football teams with the possibility of growing it to seven in 2019. In 2018 our U15 team won the Wynberg Boys’ High School Super Cup Tournament and ended the season unbeaten.

In my relationship with him, he is known to be an individual of great integrity and dedication. He shows great dedication to the goals and tasks set out to him. As a person, he is well-liked and highly respected by both players and parents.

We at Rondebosch Boys’ High School envisage a long-term relationship with Mr Rasthoem Simons. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending the company for the services mentioned above to any other school globally.
Yours faithfully

Bassier Ahmed Halday
Master-in-Charge of Football and Educator (Rondebosch Boys’ High School)